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Last Update: 19 Oct 2018
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Sarawak Government Sarawak Government

Sarawak’s State Legislative Assembly, the oldest legislature in Malaysia, was established after its first inaugural meeting at Bintulu on September 8, 1867. Its first 21-member Sarawak General Council headed by Rajah Charles Brooke comprised six Brooke officers and 16 local community leaders. In 1903, the General Council was renamed Council Negri.

Just before the war in 1941, Brooke’s son, Vyner, established a written constitution known as the Constitution Order in Council during the 100th anniversary celebration of Brooke Rule in Sarawak. As a result, the Council Negri membership was increased to 24. Instead of the Rajah, the Chief Secretary presided over the Council Negri. In 1963, the Council Negri membership increased to 42. Since then, it has increased incrementally to 48 in 1968, 56 in 1989, 62 in 1996 and 71 in 2006. In 1976, the Council Negri was renamed the Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN).