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Last Update: 14 Dec 2018
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7 local councils take part in operation to catch stray dogs
Posted on : 05 Jan 2018  Source of News:

An enforcer seen holding a dog which has been shot with a tranquiliser gun during the operation to catch dogs at the Batu Kawa MJC area.

KUCHING: Seven local councils teamed up to catch stray dogs roaming around MJC Batu Kawa area yesterday.

According to Ministry of Local Government and Housing Public Health chief Dr Cheong Yaw Ling, a total of 60 personnel were involved in the operation.

He said the operation was one of the measures taken by the state government following reports of increase in the number of bites by suspected rabid dogs in Kuching and Sarikei divisions last month.

Enforcers used air pressure tranquiliser guns to catch the dogs during the operation, under supervision of the state Veterinary Services Department.

“Among the local councils which are involved in this operation today (yesterday) are the Kuching City North Commission (DBKU), Kuching City South Council (MBKS), Padawan Muncipal Council (MPP), Kota Samarahan Municipal Council, Bau District Council, Lundu District Council and Serian District Council,” he added.

Today (Jan 5), the operation will continue at Taman San Chin, Taman Genesis, Rantau Panjang and Moyan in Batu Kawa.

After that, the operation will be carried out at BDC, Tabuan Tranquility and Kenyalang Park in Kuching tomorrow (Jan 6) and in Singai, Tondong and Serikin in Bau on Jan 7.

On Tuesday, the state declared an all-out war against stray dogs following reports of increase in bites by suspected rabid dogs here and in Julau in Sarikei Division last month.

Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Amar Douglas Uggah Embas said at its meeting the State Disaster Management Committee decided to launch an operation against stray dogs due to the rising number of reported dog bites, in a bid to curb the spread of rabies in the state.

Uggah, who is chairman of the committee, said several government agencies and departments would be involved in the operation.

Dogs found roaming around, including pet dogs and those with tags indicating that they have been vaccinated against rabies, would not be spared.

The dogs caught would be kept for 48 hours before being put down, and pet owners must claim their dogs within that period.

“Anybody who tries to prevent the team from carrying out the operation would be punished under the existing law,” Uggah warned.

He called for public cooperation to fight rabies and advised dog owners not to allow their pets to roam outside their compound.

So far, 28 areas in the state have been declared as infected by rabies.