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Abandoned park: Residents told to write to MPP
Posted on : 21 Oct 2019  Source of News:

Dato Ahmad Ibrahim

KUCHING: Padawan Municipal Council (MPP) has called on the residents of Kuching City Mall Phase 12 and 13 in Batu Kawa to contact the council first in solving the issues involving an abandoned park near them.

According to its deputy chairman Dato Ahmad Ibrahim, residents of the housing area should write in their complaints to MPP through their Neighbourhood Watch Committee (KRT).

With regards to the park, he said that there was nothing that the council could do if it was owned by a private entity.

“If the park already belongs to a private entity, then what can the council do? If it is a state land or the council’s land then we have the right to say something about it.

“There must be a good reason for the council to take action and solve the issue – for example, the development of the land had caused drainage problems in the area.

“As such, the residents of the area through their KRT should write to us first,” he told reporters after officiating at the closing ceremony of the Borneo Nature Highlands Challenge 2019 at Borneo Highlands Resort, Jalan Puncak Borneo here yesterday.

The park was initially closed to give way to the development of another housing area. Now overgrown, abandoned, and undeveloped, it is said to have attracted the attention of irresponsible people to conduct various criminal activities and nuisance in the area, causing fear among nearby residents.

The residents of Kuching City Mall Phase 12 and 13 had also expressed concern over the road near the park that led to various forms of nuisance to them – which had been forwarded to the Democratic Action Party (DAP) Batu Kitang branch.

In a press conference on Saturday, its chairman Abdul Aziz Isa said MPP should add more speed bumps at the road to reduce the disturbances caused by vehicles passing through it.

In response to this, Ahmad reiterated that the residents should write in a letter to MPP through their KRT.

“After we receive the letter, then we will survey the area and decide whether we can do it or not – depending on whether there are any form of objection from other landowners. If there are no objections then we can proceed with it.

“It is not as simple as that for us to build the bumps – we have done this before, and when we managed to build them, about two weeks later the other landowners complained in writing about us building them. So we have to tread carefully,” he added.