Best-performing contractors will continue to get jobs from MPP, assures rep
Posted on : 11 Jan 2020  Source of News:

Lo (front, centre) flanked by MPP deputy chairman Dato Ahmad Ibrahim and Loh, in a photo-call with the contractors.

KUCHING: The best-performing contractors who are appointed by the Padawan Municipal Council (MPP) would continue to receive more jobs, assures Batu Kitang assemblyman Lo Khere Chiang.

Lo, who is the council’s chairman, points out that the MPP utilises the ‘A-to-D’ grading system to evaluate the performance of these contractors.

“Those who are performing well will be graded A, and we shall continue to give the jobs to them. Those underperforming will be graded B, C and D.

“Those grade C and D will no longer receive any job. As such, we hope that we would only have Grade A contractors,” he spoke prior to a pledge-signing ceremony involving 61 contractors at the MPP headquarters in Kota Padawan near here yesterday.

The event was for the MPP-appointed contractors to sign a statutory declaration, in that they must not subcontract the works to any individual or other contractors.

This was to ensure that the contractors would continue to deliver excellent services.

In this regard, Lo pointed out that the council encountered a lot of subcontracting works over the years, whereby the first contractor who received the project would sublet it to the second contractor – and so on, until the seventh contractor who would only then initiated the works.

He said any project would ‘become a disaster’, if such ‘subcontracting culture’ were to continue.

“Today, I am happy to note that such subcontracting works are no longer in practice,” he added.

Meanwhile, MPP secretary Elizabeth Loh said any contractors found to be subletting the works to any individual or other contractors, would be stripped of their awarded contracts.

Not only that, she stressed that these contractors’ names and telephone numbers would be displayed on the council’s website for public viewing.

“This means that their (work) quality is not only under MPP’s supervision, but is also monitored by members of the public,” she added.