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MPP records rise in dengue cases for 2020 so far
Posted on : 27 Feb 2020  Source of News:

An Aedes mosquito, which is responsible for the spread of dengue fever. File Photo

KUCHING: A total of 43 dengue cases have been recorded in areas under Padawan Municipal Council’s (MPP) jurisdiction during the first eight weeks of 2020, said the council’s deputy chairman Dato Ahmad Ibrahim.

“The number is quite worrying compared to the cumulative cases for the entire year of 2019, in which 238 cases were recorded,” said Ahmad after the MPP’s monthly council meeting today.

In 2018, he pointed out that only 46 dengue cases were recorded throughout the entire year.

The deputy chairman believes a sharp increase in the number of dengue cases reported in MPP’s areas is possible if the local community does not cooperate in eliminating the breeding grounds of Aedes mosquitoes.

A few locations were disclosed as hotspots for dengue, namely Kuching Police Training Centre (Pulapol), Taman Sri Makmur (Matang), Kampung Bawang, Kampung Sumur Bunuk Pekan Batu 10, Jalan Santa, Kampung Sikog and Kampung Semeba.

“MPP is working closely with Kuching Division Health Office to carry out efforts in eliminating the breeding grounds for Aedes mosquitoes inside and outside premises within a 400-metre radius,” said Ahmad.

Thermal fogging is being carried out every three days at hotspot areas until the situation is under control, he adds.

On the Covid-19 virus outbreak, Ahmad urged businesses and stall operators working in MPP’s areas to observe precautionary measures to lower the risk of contracting the disease, such as practising good hygiene.