Unity vital to harmony, peace in state
Posted on : 31 Dec 2020  Source of News:
KUCHING: Unity among various races is vital to harmony and peace in Sarawak.

This was pointed out by Padawan Municipal Council Councillor Rabian Kipli.

“Sarawak is truly unique because of racial harmony  and  mutual respect among its people.

“The strong bonds between Sarawakians are something that money cannot buy and must be maintained forever,” said the retired teacher.

Further elaborating, Rabian said ever since he opened his own seafood restaurant in Telaga Air, he was able to witness the spirit of unity among the multi-racial population in this state more clearly.

 He said during the weekends, his restaurant would be flooded with customers of various races.

“In Sarawak, we can see Malays eat in Chinese or Indian restaurants, and vice versa. In fact, when visiting a longhouse, Muslims will not hesitate to share the same spoon and plate with the residents, who are mostly non-Muslims, because we respect each other.

“This is very different from my experience when I was still a student in Malaya. There, racist sentiments are very strong and a small issue can become huge because of the lack of understanding and unity between the races,” he explained.

In conjunction with the New Year celebration, Rabian hoped that unity between the races would be stronger so that the country could achieve greater economic and social development.