MetMalaysia calls on public in Sarawak to prepare for floods, landslides
Posted on : 23 Dec 2021  Source of News:

Continuous rain is forecast in Sarawak from Dec 27-29. — Photo from Pexels

KUCHING (Dec 23): The public in Sarawak have been advised to make the necessary preparations for possible floods and landslides.

In making the call, Malaysian Meteorological Department (MetMalaysia) Sarawak director Haburi Hamdan said continuous rain has been forecast in the state, particularly along the western side of Sarawak, due to the monsoon surge.

“Floods and landslides are bound to happen due to heavy rain (that lasts for) a long time.

“As such, members of the public should take heavy rain warnings very seriously, and they should also learn from the weakness and mistakes of the public in Selangor and other places in Peninsular Malaysia,” he told The Borneo Post today.

Haburi was referring to the recent flooding that hit parts the central and east coast regions of Peninsular Malaysia.

According to MetMalaysia’s infographic yesterday, a monsoon surge is expected to occur from Dec 27-29, with continuous rain in the western part of Sarawak and eastern Sabah during the period.

Haburi said there is also a possibility of continuous rain even after that period.

A monsoon surge involves cold winds from Siberia that result in strong winds and rough conditions in the South China Sea.