RM2.5 mln road to be built linking Jalan Stapok Utama to Ensing
Posted on : 30 Aug 2022  Source of News:

Dr Sim (second right) is seen being briefed on the road project at Stapok residential areas by Padawan Municipal Council engineer Hazwan (third right).

KUCHING (Aug 30): A new link road costing RM2.5 million connecting Jalan Stapok Utama traffic light junction to Jalan Ensing has been approved to ease traffic congestion during peak hours, says Deputy Premier Dato Sri Dr Sim Kui Hian.

In a statement issued by Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) Batu Kawah branch yesterday, Dr Sim said that fund for the purpose was already available.

“We are only waiting for the State Planning Unit to approve the engineering plan submitted by Padawan Municipal Council,” said Dr Sim, who is Batu Kawah assemblyman.

Dr Sim said the road construction was in response to the feedback from the local residents after witnessing rapid growth in the surrounding areas and the surge in traffic volume over the years.

He said the residents often had to experience long waiting time to exit their neighbourhood to go to the main road.

As a result, Dr Sim said he had quickly instructed the relevant government departments to formulate a solution, as well as applying for fund for the project.

“Making roads for newly developed residential areas has proven effective in dispersing vehicle congestion and also facilitating the movement of the residents,” said the statement..