Posted on : 03 Mar 2023

In response to the hawkers’ requests and complaints regarding the facilities and trading environment at the Council’s Kota Sentosa Market, MPP has sought for and managed to obtain funding under the Rural Transformation Fund of Local ADUN (YB Wilfred Yap, N.12 Kota Sentosa) to upgrade the current Kota Sentosa Market.

The project was handed over to the appointed Contactor to commence works on 1st March 2023. Notice to inform the hawkers on the project construction has been displayed at the said market. The scope of upgrading works will not affect the trading hours of the hawkers at the market. MPP knowing that the upgrading works should not interrupt the trading activities, had already made arrangements with the appointed Contractor to commence the upgrading works in stages.

Should the upgrading works affect the hawkers at any point of time, rest assured that MPP would have informed the affected hawkers to allow ample time for the hawkers to prepare themselves and MPP will arrange for alternative trading site, if necessary. MPP staff shall constantly engage with the hawkers in the said market to update them on the work progress and upcoming works to be carried out. Should there be any enquiry pertaining to the upgrading works, the public or hawkers may directly contact MPP Office (Engineering Division) at 082-615566 or contact the Council’s staff stationed at the market. The convenience of the hawkers and the safety of public patronizing the market is our utmost priority.

Thank you.

Press statement by the Management of MPP