Message From Padawan Municipal Council's Chairman

Padawan Municipal Council's (Majlis Perbandaran Padawan in Bahasa Malaysia or  in short MPP) area of jurisdiction is on the peripheral of the Kuching City Councils in Sarawak. MPP's emphasis is on the improvement of infrastructure and provision of quality services to the rate payers and at the same time ensure that the environment is protected.picture

To achieve these objectives, MPP shall work closely with the public and the communities so that they are involved and kept informed on the decisions and development in MPP.The services of MPP are often benchmarked against that of the neighbouring City Councils and this is a challenge.I welcome feedback from the public and the website is one of the many avenues.

The strength of MPP is the land size which covers an area of 984.338 sq. kilometers and has the potential for housing, commercial and industrial development which can complement the growth and development of the Kuching City. I welcome all investors to MPP and I can assure you that MPP shall provide the necessary assistance.

The other main asset of MPP are the many places of interests for local and international tourists; such as the Wild Orchid And Pitcher Plant Garden at Kota Padawan which is unique in Sarawak, the only Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre in Sarawak at Semenggok Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, Sarawak Biodiversity Centre at Semenggok, Bidayuh Long Houses at Kpg Benuk and Kpg Annah Rais, the Borneo Highland Resort with an 18 hole golf course at Borneo Penrisen mountain bordering Indonesia, Kpg Telega Air beside the river near to the South China Sea, Kubah Forest Reserve overseeing the South China Sea, Taman Jubilee Mas at the Matang Mountain, etc . I welcome all visitors to MPP when they are in Kuching as there is always a place of interest for you to visit

I hope this website is informative to the public and enable you to know MPP better .

Thank you

Cr. Lo Khere Chiang
Chairman of Padawan Municipal Council