The Pitcher Plant Garden


pitcher plant garden enterance

(Free admission until 31 December 2015)

Opening hours:- 9.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m.

Tuesday to Sunday (Public Holiday & Rest days inclusive)

*Closed on Mondays


"The Pitcher Plant and Wild Orchid Garden, Kota Padawan" was offically declared opened by the Minister for Public Health and Environment Ministry,Datuk Sri William Mawan on 24th June 2004.

In March 2015, The Council’s Tourism Unit after taking over, revived the pitcher plant garden and renamed it as “Pitcher Plant Garden”.

This “Pitcher Plant Garden" is situated right in the heart of Kota Padawan (10th Mile Bazaar), about a kilometer away from our main office (MPP)

map to pitcher plant garden


The Pitcher Plant Garden is now a host to 35 species/subspecies of pitcher plants (Nepenthes) from all over the island of Borneo ranging from the largest,N. rafflesiana n.rafflesianawhich has the ability to store a liter of fluid and to the tiniest,N. gracilis.

There is a plan to exhibit the pitcher plants from other Asean Region and from our own highland species in the near future.



Other than pitcher plants, there is a small collection of wild orchids and other rare and exotic wild plants found in Padawan itself.Besides these attractions. There is also a display of recycled items on display at the garden.


In line with our conservation efforts, visitors are notified that Pitcher plants are protected species in Sarawak. Any person caught damaging/stealing or involved in any actions causing harm/damage to the plants in the garden shall be imposed with a fine of RINGGIT MALAYSIA FIVE HUNDRED (RM 500.00)

garden map

Entrance fees

(Free admission from NOW until 31 December 2015)

Tourists: RM 6.00          Malaysian: RM3.00

*Free entrance for tour guides and taxi drivers.

*School visiting in huge groups are advised to write to Setiausaha MPP for free admission.

Opening hours:- 9.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m.

Tuesday to Sunday (Public Holiday & Rest days inclusive)

*Closed on Mondays


For more details, please contact the Padawan Municipal Council

En. Dilop Jina

Tel: 082 - 615566