Police urge Padawan folk to do their bit to keep crime at bay

Posted on 26 Mar 2014
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Police urge Padawan folk to do their bit to keep crime at bay

Posted on January 28, 2014, Tuesday

Pauzi (second left) inspecting a car during a road block at Jalan Batu Kawah.

KUCHING: Police have advised Padawan residents to take precautionary measures against crime as it is difficult for the police to keep a tight reign of the area due to its size.

Padawan District police chief Supt Pauzi Bujang cautioned that thieves were always waiting for opportunities to pounce, especially on careless residents.

“It is quite difficult if we were to rely on the police to patrol all the areas because Padawan is quite a big area,” he told reporters at Kota Sentosa police station before the launch of ‘Ops Bersepadu’ in collaboration with Padawan Municipal Council (MPP) on Sunday evening.

Overall, Pauzi said, crime rate in Padawan was under control, and there was a noticeable reduction in crime index.

House break-in, motorcycle and car theft remained the most common crime cases in the area, he added.

With Chinese New Year only a couple of days away, he advised residents to inform the nearest police station if they intended to leave their houses empty to go back to home town or elsewhere.

“Please report to the nearest police station so that our personnel can patrol their areas when they are not at home.”

‘Ops Bersepadu’, which was held for the first time since the establishment of the new police headquarters last July 1, involved 72 police personnel and 12 PMC enforcement officers.

“Under this operation, we will be setting up road blocks at Jalan Batu Kawah and Jalan Matang. With assistance from MPP, we will be conducting checks on entertainment outlets, with emphasis on the ones at Batu Kawah and MJC.”

During the operation that started at about 10pm on Sunday, police inspected 104 vehicles and 197 individuals, and 37 traffic summonses were issued.

Six individuals were taken to the police station to undergo urine tests for drugs, but were later released as the results were negative.

Police and MPP enforcement officers also checked on six entertainment premises during the operation.

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