Application for Updating Ratepayer Info In Assessment Bill

1.    Service Name:

Application for Updating of Ratepayer Information For Assessment Rate Bill

2.    Introduction:

The owners or ratepayers can update their information to ensure that the ratepayers’ information in the assessment rate bills are correct and the assessment rate bills are sent to the correct address.

Ratepayers can update the ratepayers’ information by filling in the Form On Updating Of Ratepayer Information For Assessment Rate bill.

3.    What you'll need (Check List)

To fill in the details accordingly in the Updating Ratepayer Information Form.

4.    How to get the service

Apply over the Counters at MPP:

Apply for the service by post or in person at MPP Counters and provide the required documentation.

- If application in person at MPP Counters, the updating of ratepayer’s information can be done immediately.

- If the application is made by post, the updating of ratepayer’s information may take up to 14 days.

2. You can Download and complete the Application Form – PDF.

5.    Who's eligible

(i)     Registered proprietor / owner (name registered in the land title)

(ii)    Purchaser (Rate payer whose name has not been registered yet in the land title - by virtue of supporting documents)

6.    Things to keep in mind

Application takes up to 14 days to process.
The Council may call the ratepayer to supply additional information where necessary.


7.    Payment methods:

Free of Charge

8.    Need helps?

We’re happy to help you with this transaction.

Feel free to call us on 082 -615566 (Valuation & Rating Division, MPP)

or visit the MPP Counters @ Kota Padawan