Tourist Spots


Tourist Spots

Popular Tourist Spots in MPP Area:


Annah Rais Longhouse

A 1 1/2 hours coach trip along Padawan Road will bring you to this clean and beautiful loughouse built on the foot of a mountain at the Indonesian border. This longhouse has about 120 doors (bilik). A natural stream with cool and sparkling water adds beauty to the life and activity of the local people.

A few minutes walk from Annah Rais longhouse, will bring you to a hot spring.

Entrance Fee :

1) RM 10.00 Adult
2) RM 5.00 Children

Contacts Number:

1) MR. PAUL KANYING - 016-356 1500
2) MR. DOMINIC NENG - 016-876 6345
3) MDM. KIMA TUD - 010-980 5042

Bunuk Longhouse



The Bunuk Longhouse is located at 50 Km Penrissen Road. Some 80 Bidayuh Families live together in this longhouse. A round shaped Pangah (a ceremonial building) is an attraction in this longhouse. There is a mini museum displaying some private collection of antiques of the ceremonial chief En. Peka. It is open to the public.

A small shop at the entrance of the Kampung has bottled drinks and local produce such as peppers, etc, offered for sale. You can also pick up some antiques for a very reasonable price.

Entrance Fee :

1) Without Guide RM5 - Per Person
2) With Guide RM5 - Per Person
3) With Guide and Refreshment RM15 - Per Person
4) Full Gawai RM1500 - Per Person

Contact Person :

Mdm.Isabella Julau Mejat :+6 019 8498413

Taman Jubilee Mas

Taman Jubilee Mas is located at Mile 12 Matang Road, near the famous 'Red Bridge'. Taman Jubilee Mas is managed by Padawan Municipal Council.

A famous spot for picnic, where the family can enjoy the garden and swim in the nearby stream. Barbecue pits, gazebo, reflexology track for those health conscious and a children playground are available in this garden.

Entrance is free.

For more details, please contact the Padawan Municipal Council at

Tel: 082-615566

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Kampung Telaga Air


Kampung Telaga Air is located 40 minutes drive (by road) from Kuching City.

Kampung Telaga Air is a Malay fishing village and the Kampung Telaga Air Waterfront is where the Padawan Municipal Council held its annual Fishing Competition.

This village is famous for its Homestay Programme. Visitors are charged at a reasonable rate for this Homestay Programme. From this programme, visitors can experience the daily livelihood and traditional ways of living in this friendly Malay village.

For more information, please contact:

Lembaga Kemajuan Ikan Malaysia (LKIM) Tingkat 2, Bangunan Bank Negara, Jalan Satok, P. O. Box 2201, 93744 Kuching. Tel: 082-245481

Semenggok Wildlife Rehalibitation Center (WRC)

Semenggoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre is half an hour’s drive from Kuching City. To visit, a permit must be obtained from:

The National Park Booking Office (Kuching) Sarawak Tourist Information Centre, Jalan Masjid, 93400 Kuching. Tel: 082 - 248088 Fax: 082 - 256031

This Centre is part of the Semenggoh nature reserve which consists of Semenggoh Bio Centre, Botanical Garden, Forest Nursery, Seed Bank, Herb Ethnobotany Centre, Fern and Orchid Garden. All these are open to the public.

At the moment, entrance is free. Visiting hours are from 0830 - 12.00 Noon and 1400 - 1600 hours daily

There are no canteen in the Centre. Visitors are encouraged to bring in their own food on condition that they do not litter. There are certain rules and regulations to follow so as to protect the Park. Visitors are advised not to shout in the vicinity of the Park and taking photographs with flashlights are discouraged so as not to injure the animals.

For further information, please contact:-

Tel: 082 - 618423 (Office)



The Park is located about 20 km (by road) from Kuching City. Brochure on Kubah National Park can be obtained from the Sarawak Tourist Information Centre, Jalan Masjid, 93400 Kuching.

The Park covers an area of 2,230 hectares dominated by a sandstone plateau which includes three mountains Mount Serapi, Mount Selang and Mount Sendok. At the height of between 150-450 metres, this plateau is punctuated with bands of hardened limestone which have created a number of beautiful waterfalls.

The Park comprises largely undisturbed natural forest with five main vegetation types, Alluvial forest, Lowland mixed dipterocarp forest, kerangas (health) forest, submont forest and secondary forest. This rich forest, the Park's proximity to the coastline, its mangrove forests and its general terrain all ensure that Kubah is home to a variety of wildlife, including bearded pigs, black hornbills, mousedeer, squirrels and numerous species of amphibians and reptiles. It is also rich in palms and orchids.

Visitors to the Park must first obtain a certified permit from:

1. National Parks and Wildlife Centre Forest Department Wisma Sumber Alam, Petra Jaya, 93660 Kuching. Tel: 082 - 442180 Fax: 082 - 441377


2. National Park Booking Ofice (Kuching) Sarawak Tourist Information Centre Jalan Masjid, 93400 Kuching. Tel: 082 - 248088 Fax: 082 - 256301

Also available are accomodation facilities from basic tents to fully equipped chalets with bedding, cooking utensils, fan, tap water and electricity. For further information please contact:

Kubah Nasional Park Tel: 011 - 225003

The Matang Wildlife Centre is also located at the Kubah National Park which eventually house endangered wildlife in large mammal enclosures. This enclosures will be located in the rainforest so that the living environment is as near as possible to that found in the wild.

For day trippers to the Matang Wildlife Centre, the visitor is allowed to visit the Wildlife Centre after paying the park entrance fee and registering at the park entrance office. No permit required.

Entrance Fee: 

1)  RM 3.00 (per adult) 
2)  RM1.00 (visitor under 18 years of age)

How To Get There?

Matang Transport Company Bus No.11 departs from Saujana Car Park in Kuching. (Bus colour: Yellow & Orange Taxi can also be chartered for the 40 minute trip to the Park. (24 hours Taxi Call Service)

Tel: 082-367898 or 082-348898

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