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Padawan Municipal Council

Padawan Municipal Council (MPP) will carry out Spring Cleaning in preparation for the upcoming Chinese New Year (CNY) festival from 2nd to 25th January 2020.

MPP would also like to remind residents who are busy preparing for the festive season to dispose their waste responsibly. The public is urged to keep their neighborhood areas clean while any extra waste should be packed and disposed off properly into the additional bins or Roll-On-Roll-Off (RoRo) Containers provided for the bulky waste disposals which are available for use at some of these areas as follows:

Location of Roll-On-Roll_off

(RoRo) Containers

Chinese New Year

3rd Mile Market

18th - 25th Jan 2020

7th Mile (next to 688 Store)

18th - 25th  Jan 2020

10th Mile Market

18th - 25th Jan 2020

RPR Batu Kawa Lorong 28A

(Shoplot Carpark)

2nd – 5th Jan 2020

Malihah (Near H&L)

6th – 9th Jan 2020

Kuching City Mall (New Shoplot Car Park – near roundabout)

10th – 13th Jan 2020

Batu Kawa New Township/MJC Refuse Bin Centre (Block Dd and Block Ae)

18th – 25th Jan 2020

Lee Ling Temporary Hawker Centre

18th – 25th Jan 2020

Taman Flora Indah refuse bin centre

14th – 17th Jan 2020

Moyan Square (Lorong Puteri 1) near Yuan Wei Seafood

18th – 21st  Jan 2020

Rantau Panjang (Beside SJKC Ranatu Panjang)

18th – 21st  Jan 2020

Taman Kwong Tiong (next to the playground)

18th – 21st Jan 2020

Batu Kawa Old Bazaar (Open space opposite roundabout)

18th – 21st Jan 2020